Call for Application: Consultants to conduct a needs assessment and mapping for HIV prevention program targeting Adolescents and Young Women (AGYW) Abia, Anambra, and Taraba states.

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Required services: Consultancy to facilitate needs assessment and mapping for AGYW programing

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Commencement Date: September 2021

Duration: 30 days


Generally, global progress has been made in the decline of HIV incidence in many settings over the years. New infections however remain unacceptably high among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In almost all countries with generalized epidemics, young women aged 15–24 years are three to five times more likely than their male counterparts to be living with HIV; and in sub-Saharan Africa, 71% of new infections in adolescents are among girls. In a pattern that is consistent across most high prevalence countries, HIV incidence rates rise dramatically between the ages of 15 and 24, and more steeply among females than males.

Adolescents and Young People (AYP) aged 10-24 years account for one-third of Nigeria’s total population. The 2018 Nigeria AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS) estimates that approximately 180,000 AYP living with HIV in Nigeria with HIV prevalence especially high among females 20-24 years at 1.3%. AYP especially adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) have vulnerabilities for HIV in Nigeria that are strongly linked gender inequalities and harmful practices. AGYW have low levels of comprehensive knowledge of HIV, HIV risk perception, and access to appropriate sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. AGYW are also more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors compared with older females. Other factors contributing to new infection in this groups are intergeneration sex; harmful cultural practices such as early marriages as well as gender-based violence. Healthcare services are not friendly to the adolescents and young people. Those living with HIV especially learners in school suffer from stigma which affects adherence to treatment. As such, AGYW are at comparably higher risks of HIV and appropriate interventions need to be targeted at them.

Furthermore, it has been well established that addressing the underlying challenges facing Adolescent and young persons must harness and involve the participation of the adolescents and Young Persons (AYP) themselves.  Additionally, preventive measures that will positively impact on new HIV infection among AGYW/AYP must address the underlying determinants of the vulnerability faced by AGYW which span beyond the health sector to other areas such as educational, socioeconomic, and other structural factors. Best practices have suggested that addressing these requires a greater understanding of the challenges and requires collaboration and partnerships with other relevant sectors. Therefore, a multisectoral action is required for effective health promotion at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

This consultancy therefore is focused on identifying the specific needs and perspectives of the primary beneficiaries (AGYW), their male sexual partners and their immediate community. It will also involve the identification and mapping of available services that impact on risk reduction for AGYW in the implementing localities. This will serve to better harness available resources and multisectoral stakeholders across the states for impact. Exercise will also add to the knowledge base on the AGYW profile in the state.

Description/Purpose of the consultancy

This consultancy is requested for the conduct of a needs assessment and mapping on Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) HIV prevention program to be implemented in three states of Anambra, Abia, and Taraba.

Period of Performance

The period of performance is expected to be for thirty (30) days.

Number of Consultants Required and nature of Assignment

Four Consultants are needed for this assessment and Mapping, and the consultant Must be based in Abuja, Anambra, Abia, and Taraba states.  The consultants will support the National Aligned HIV Initiative (NAHI) grant   conduct a baseline fact finding and needs assessment for HIV Prevention program targeted at AGYW. The AGYW program seeks to provide a comprehensive package of health (Biomedical), psychosocial (Behavioral) and structural interventions to AGYW to reduce their vulnerability to HIV infection and increase demand for HIV Testing Services (HTS) among other preventive measures.

Objectives of the consultancy:

The objective of this consultancy is therefore-

  1. To facilitates a baseline knowledge, needs assessment of the AYP and specifically AGYW profile in the state and to map out available services, and locations for the target population.
  2. To ensure that the new AGYW program offers optimal prevention services targeted at the needs of the most at-risk adolescent girls, Young Women and their Male sexual partners including linkage to available multisectoral services across health and non-health sectors in the implementing states.

Consultancy Overview and Role

The services of the adolescents and young person’s Experts with experience to support needs assessment and recommend interventions for AGYW HIV prevention program to be implemented in three states of Anambra, Abia and Taraba will include the following:

  1. Develop a list of stakeholders and gatekeepers within the community and conduct advocacy to key stakeholders and gatekeepers to facilitate smooth community engagement for the consultancy.
  2. Conducting stakeholders’ consultations to understand implementing activities relating to HIV prevention among AYPs including AGYW if available in the state and areas where improvement is required.
  3. Identify existing information and resources including service points/facilities for referrals for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), psychosocial services; health facilities, counselling, mental health, youth friendly centers, etc
  4. Map out locations and sites where AYP/AGYWs congregate including social networks.
  5. Identify available AYP led structures and bodies (formal and informal) including AYP focused organizations (CBOs, Networks).
  6. Conduct FGD with relevant stakeholders such as AGYW, AYP, School Proprietors, Parents of AGYW, etc . Topics of discuss may include perceived gender norms in the communities that place girls at risk for HIV; the readiness of schools for SRH literacy for AYPs, etc.
  7. Assessing existing practices for the prevention of HIV among AGYW and identifying gaps
  8. Conduct FGDs with relevant stakeholders to understand existing AYP activities and areas for improvement.
  9. Recommend interventions and opportunities for activities aimed at contributing to the reduction of HIV prevalence among AGYW in the targeted high incidence LGAs bearing in mind the cultural and social context of the locality.
  10. Review existing AGYW training material and make the recommendations taking into consideration available evidence.

Specific deliverables:

Based on the activities listed above, the Consultants are expected to produce or accomplish the following:

  1. Develop and submit an agenda road map of activities to be conducted.
  2. Develop and share questionnaires, FGD guide and Key informant interview questions/materials with the PR/SRs for secretariat support.
  3. Share with the AHNI and SFH the lists of identified and mapped Key stakeholders including Adolescent and Young Persons groups in implementing states.
  4. Conduct activities in line with the terms of this consultancy
  5. Submit the final report of the consultancy assignment to the PR/SR.



•             A degree with relevant experience  in Social Science, Anthropology, Public Health or other relevant field


•             Proven experience at least 5 years in working with adolescents and young persons.

•             Strong track record of engaging AYPs, stakeholders for comparable programmes 

•             Experience of designing and facilitating participatory workshop sessions/FGDs.


•             Excellent command of written and spoken English

•             Good understanding of the youth sector would be an added value

•             Ability to adapt designs according to feedback quickly and efficiently

•             Ability to work independently and remotely, meeting tight deadlines as required

•             Demonstrated analytical, time management and client orientation skills

•             Attention to detail

Method of Application

Interested and Qualified candidates should send in their Curriculum Vitae to

Deadline for submission of application is 22nd September 2021

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